Man. I have been SO LIED TO by the beauty industry. And I mean . . . duh. But really. I've been transitioning my products, and it seems that the less complicated they are, the better off I am. I've been using acne products for about a decade, but I started using Dr. Bronner's instead, and all of a sudden my skin is WAY less red and I haven't had any pimples. I started washing my hair with only V05 conditioner and, once a week, shampoo and condition with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle, and conditioning my hair with coconut oil. Cut out all the de-frizzers and mousses and milks and whatever the hell else and only use LA Styles gel and more coconut oil . . . and my hair is way better. It's almost like all of the chemicals I've been using are designed to make us increasingly dependent on them or something ;-)


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